About Beta Tau

  • Originally founded as the first fraternity on campus at the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts on April 15th, 1895, the Beta Tau chapter was a pioneer in trailblazing a path to allow other social fraternities and sororities to come to campus. It has remained one of the most influential and historic organizations at the University for well over 100 years. Since their founding, over 1,400 alumni have passed through its proud halls and have enjoyed prosperous careers in business, politics, and science. Current members are extremely active on the NC State campus and over 80% of the members are involved in other organizations outside of Sigma Nu. With a current manpower near 80, the chapter consistently places first in sports, philanthropy, community service, and other Greek events. Growing both stronger and larger each semester, Beta Tau has positioned itself as one of the top fraternities on campus.

    On October 17th, 2009, Beta Tau earned their charter after being recolonized only 14 months prior… a tremendous task given the outstanding work the chapter has accomplished. This includes winning multiple awards at both the Sigma Nu International level and at the University level, showing a deep commitment to the living values of Sigma Nu. Their success is a testament to the driven leadership and intense dedication of both Beta Tau alumni and undergraduate brothers.


    Beta Tau Founders - 1895