• Fall 2017 Recruitment Process


    IFC Recruitment events will be held in mid August and individual fraternities will host their own recruitment events at the end of August through early September. During these two weeks, fraternities will host a number of  informational and social events to provide potential new members the opportunity to meet active members from the Chapter. These events are geared for potential new members to attend and learn more about a particular fraternity in a more casual and friendly setting.  It is highly recommended that any man who is considering joining a fraternity attend at least one IFC information session and one IFC open house event.


    All potential rushees must register for IFC recruitment. Please register for Fall recruitment by August. Those who are not registered will not be eligible to receive a bid from any fraternity. In addition to signing up for IFC recruitment, you can also fill out a Sigma Nu Prospective Member Questionnaire.