Like most schools in the South, NC State has a strong tailgate tradition. Keeping with that tradition, Sigma Nu boasts one of the largest and best tailgates of the fraternities on campus. Featuring a huge wedding-style tent, ample seating, and a pig cooker, Sigma Nu comes ready every Saturday in the Fall. Alumni and parents are welcome to attend tailgates at every NCSU home game. If you are coming to a tailgate for the first time, just look for the two flags with snakes on them; the Sigma Nu flag is black, white, and gold and the Don't Tread on Me flag is yellow. On road games, the chapter often tailgates with that school's Sigma Nu chapter.

  • Check out our tailgate that was featured on the ACC Road Trip; a program that is hosted by Tommy Kane who is both a NC State and Sigma Nu alumnus. Our tailgate is the one with the pig.